The Los Angeles Athletic Club Marketing Campaign

The Los Angeles Athletic Club implemented a unique concept when devising the marketing campaign. The campaign played up on the position of a private upscale club with immense social offerings, and athletic facilities within.

Antidot Video

The concept of this video presents the ultimate sneakerhead, who is defined as a hardcore collector of rare, unique or exclusive sneakers who buy online, go to outlets, sneaker events, swap meets, parties, and gatherings in search of rare, vintage, and limited-edition shoes.

Wedbush Financial Advisor Pitchbook

The Financial Advisor’s at Wedbush serve a variety of different demographics across the country, and this printed book was designed as a customizable leave behind for prospective clients.


PurpleStride Event Collateral

PurpleStride is the signature walk/run event for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, which raises over $15 million dollars nationwide. The various print collateral utilizes photos taken from the event that captures the sprit and hopefulness of the event, while conveying the urgency to find a cure for the disease.

Farmers Insurance Group Federal Credit Union Marketing Campaigns

Farmers Insurance Group Federal Credit Union offers much of the same financial services and products that large banks offer, but without the high interest rates, along with the understanding of the financial needs of a Farmers agents.


National Call-In Video

The National Call-In Video illustrates how easy it is to take part and advocate to members of congress, to increase federal research funding for pancreatic cancer.

FIGFCU Annual Report

The Farmers Insurance Group Federal Credit Union annual report is an account of the company’s activities of the prior year, with the theme “It’s different here,” guiding its design and layout.


The Los Angeles Athletic Club Brochure

The Los Angeles Athletic Club exudes the exclusivity of a private, upscale elegant hotel with traditional French windows, wood-paneled walls and flourish design elements. Embracing the concept of showcasing the lavishness of the hotel ornamentation, reflecting the elements of this historical and luxurious club was critical to the overall look and feel of the brochure.

Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Social Media Assets

The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network utilizes many different channels to reach a wide audience, and bring awareness to the disease. Facebook and Twitter has become a necessary tool when trying to reach a large and diverse audience, to promote their signature event PurpleStride, along with bringing additional content to spread awareness of the organization and pancreatic cancer.


Shop Purple Website

Shop Purple is the official online store of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, with net proceeds from purchases helping to support the organization and its comprehensive approach to fighting pancreatic cancer.

FIGFCU Brochures

The credit union offers a competitive alternative to regular banks at the convenience of banking at work in many of the large Farmers facilities, across the country. Designs of the brochure use color to depict the product, along with a conservative layout to convey the stability of the institution, when compared to large banks.


Wooden Award

The Wooden Award embodies the total basketball player: rebounding, passing, defense, shooting and dribbling. Drawing inspiration from the five skills for the 35th Edition of the Souvenir Program, invitation mailer, flier and advertisement, the concept of a photographic montage of these skills, recognizing past winners, such as Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Kevin Durant grace the cover.